AANDC Accountability To Canada Auditor General

Where Is The $9 Billion Per Annum ?
It is generally reported that 60%+ of the circa annual $9 Billion AANDC budget for First Nations is allocated to non-First Nations consultants.

We posted our concern on this matter to Canada Auditor General (CAD) Sheila Fraser in 2010; wherein, we petitioned for information on the funding and expenses to specific First Nations Annual General Audit reports. We were pursuing complaints by FN members of alleged irregularities. A First Nations member (who was also a regular serving RCMP) and, the sitting chief combined forces to investigate the apparent supporting documentations that contributed to an accumulated $50-Million tribal debt load.

CAD Fraser replied to our petition for her assistance in gathering certain relevant documents from AANDC. Her written reply was simply that she lacked jurisdiction to assist us in our pursuit of supporting documentation from AANDC.

Transparency and accountability to the enfranchised First Nations populace; and, to the electorate via Canada Parliament is essential in a Free and Informed society.

This Election 2015 has an opportunity to improve the CAD jurisdiction to investigate federal ministries; including their funding practices in detail in all matters.

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Peoples (Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples : CSSP) are entitled to see the UN invoke jurisdiction at Canada through the UN Charter to enforce compliance with customary laws, as well as the embraced international laws regarding civil, political and human rights through the Free, Prior, Informed Consent (FPIC) principles, doctrines and conventions; which have evolved, in particular, since the 1924 Geneva Convention (one year after the UK and Canada refused the Iroquois Confederacy Diplomat Chief Deskaheh right to address the League of Nations ) - where after, Chief Deskaheh hired a large public venue; and, spoke to 10,000 interested Europeans; including, boy scouts.
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